Tenant's Checklist

When you are searching for your rental property, don’t forget that you are committing to a minimum of six months (or year) in the property, so make sure that it suits your requirements and that you will be happy there.

When you are looking, we suggest you;

  • Work out your budget carefully– remember that there will be bills on top and the bigger the property, the bigger the bills! Confirm what Council Tax band the property is in.
  • Focus on the area that works best for you – is it accessible to work, where are the shops, can you park conveniently?
  • When you identify a suitable proposition, is the property in good condition? If it is part of a larger block, are the communal parts well cared for?
  • What are the neighbours like? Why not knock on the door and say you are considering moving in, and wondered whether it was a quiet neighbourhood?
  • Check the accommodation suits your requirements. Are the dimensions generous enough to accommodate your possessions? Are there enough plug sockets, TV or ‘phone points? Broadband?
  • What about heating? Does it all work? What will the running costs be? Is there sufficient insulation to keep the heat in, and is the ventilation good enough to prevent condensation and mould?
  • Run the taps, shower etc to check everything works and the water is hot.
  • Is the kitchen equipment in good functioning order?
  • Is everything in the property included, or will the landlord be removing any items?
  • Know what is included in the rent, and what may be chargeable on top.
  • Check when the holding deposit is payable via the agent (usually equivalent to one weeks’ rent).
  • If the property requires any repairs, receive written assurances that these will be undertaken before you complete the tenancy.
  • Check security. Do all the locks work properly? Who, besides yourself, will hold keys?
  • Check that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working.
  • Check that the necessary safety certificates are all in place, and up to date.
  • Do check the inventory thoroughly as this will form the basis of the out-going inventory at the end of the lease.
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